The Ultimate Guide to Repairs

The Ultimate Guide to Repairs

Vital Insights On The Operations Of Ice Rink Refrigeration Systems

In these modern times the demand for recreational ice equipment has experienced an upshot. The pressure is on the makers of ice rink refrigeration systems to provide high quality equipment.

To ensure strict compliance to quality standards, measures are in place that enforce adherence. Manufacturers have no choice but to produce systems that adequately satisfy the requirements of the consumers.

Basically, the whole process of refrigeration is predicated on the ability to minimize heat and increase cold. Therefore, the basic comprehension of heat transfer is essential.

Normal motion of heat is to a cooler area from a warmer one. Refrigeration procedures take the forms of indirect and direct methods.

In the indirect procedure, a refrigerant that is in liquid form is employed. It functions by absorbing heat from a secondary fluid which subsequently removes heat from a sports arena

In case of direct refrigeration, heat is removed from the rink flooring by siphoning the primary cooler directly to the piping placed on the floor. Rink contractors have not embraced for this method of refrigeration for various reasons.

Since the refrigeration specialists will want a situation where they will be able to regulate the harmful coolers, the indirect method fits the bill. Some of these toxic substances include ammonia and R-22.

The pollutants have the ability to spread out to the extent of the sports arena. This increases the possibility of leakages of the dangerous chemicals. Since R-22 has no smell, the leakage will go unnoticed.

Due to its repulsive odor, ammonia is easy to detect if there is a leakage. Glycol and a saltwater solution are the secondary fluids used in indirect refrigeration systems. The solution possesses superior heat transfer characteristics.

The efficiency of an ice rink refrigeration system is determined by the quality of work that has occurred under the sporting floor. It is possible to know the precise temperature of the ice ground by placing an infrared camera above the surface.

The ice rink refrigeration plant receives the appropriate instructions from a computer monitoring system on how to behave in the event of temperature changes. In the ice recreational industry computers can be used to receive information from as many as forty sensors in a playing arena.

The computers are also used in scheduling of the ice rink refrigeration systems. When there are programmed shutdowns during the night or holidays, energy is saved in significant proportions.

Without a doubt having a proper ice rink refrigeration infrastructure is a very skilled procedure. It is therefore essential that people planning to install the systems hire competent rink operators.

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