Tips for the outfit chosen at the first meeting

Tips for the outfit chosen at the first meeting

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Does nothing compare to the emotion of the first meeting … Butterflies in the stomach, impatience, curiosity: Will we get along well? Should he be the chosen one?

But all these questions seem to face the eternal dilemma that every woman faces at least once, according to How do I dress for the first date?

Tips for choosing clothes for your first date

The truth is that although we try to make this expression a criterion by which we are guided in life, we often realize that clothes still play an important role for every person. The way we dress is the first thing that catches the eye, it helps to form the first impression about a person.

It is also the clothing that defines us as a personality, it offers those with whom we interact some ideas about our way of being and about the style that represents us. Therefore, it is important that at the first meeting you try to look good, to wear clothes that will make a good impression, but not to be ostentatious and not to make you look different than you are, in general. Here are some tips based on love apps online reviews. Many people decided to share their experience of the first meeting after the dating site.

1.  Feel good in your skin

Sure, you want to make a good impression, but for that, you have to feel good. You may have heard that the world perceives us as we perceive ourselves in the first place. So, if you feel good in your skin, in the clothes you wear, this feeling will be reflected in your behavior, and the person you are talking to will see you with good eyes.

Do not choose to wear a dress for a first date, if you generally do not wear dresses. It will make you feel weird, uncomfortable and you will make a wrong first impression. In addition, it does not represent you, so you will give the person you meet a false impression about your person.

2.  Choose the right clothes, depending on the season

You certainly don’t want to shock the person you are going to meet, just to make a good impression on them. It is not necessary to dress thinly if it is cold outside. Replace the jacket with a coat, for example. You will show them that you know how to dress appropriately for any season and occasion and that you emphasize your appearance, without exaggerating.

3.  Don’t try to look different than you are

It is true that on the first date you have to impress with your appearance, but you certainly do not want to mislead your partner. They need to see you as you are, with your regular clothes, which you generally wear or on various occasions. Don’t try to wear clothes that make you feel different. For example, if you wear jeans and T-shirts, matched with sneakers, then you can find in your wardrobe your favorite pieces, but which look as good as possible, instead of wearing a skirt, a shirt, and heeled shoes.

4.  Important: find out where the first meeting will take place

To be able to compose a perfect outfit, it is mandatory to find out where the big meeting will take place. You should not be embarrassed to ask him if you will have dinner at an elegant restaurant, or if he is going to take you to your favorite movie. He may prefer to take a walk under the moonlight in the park, in which case those shoes with a pointed toe and 15 cm heels are not a very suitable choice for such a meeting.

5.  How to dress on the first date if you go to the park

I don’t think we need to say that in the park, dizzying heels are not exactly indicated. Rely on the comfort of ballerinas or moccasins, shoes that are in trend this season. As feminine as high-heeled shoes, low-heeled shoes help you create a casual outfit, but chic and delicate enough.

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